RELEASED: May 16, 2017
PRODUCT: Ultron Mini Glory
PUBLISHER: Studio Bido
Ultron Mini Glory

The destiny of thrones just two way, fight or obey Ultron. What would you chose?

At the Sword’s world in 2017, Ultron is King. But the battle of throne always continue. Assembly Glory want to fight the rule of Ultron. They was training three prince and princess of the former King become super warriors. Are super swordsman, super archer and super wizard.

Embark on a journey to find the glory and defeat all challengers in the game of Ultron. Through unlimited floors of increasingly difficult enemies, equip your wizard, archer and swordsman with stronger power. Upgrade your gear with customization weapons and armor, learn new skills will be help you conquer the boss Ultron in the last game.

After completing a mission, new tasks will be unlocked, there will be new tasks harder and stronger enemies your pending.
Get ready to immerse in fierce fights of Ultron.

Featured of Ultron Mini Glory:
★ This is free mmorpg game.
★ Three class with awesome skills. Each character will bring different wonderfull experiences.
★ Upgrade powerful by training.
★ Beautiful Mobile RPG Maps with the mystery behind.
★ Game control easy and more beautiful effects.
★ The destiny of thones is a long story glory and you will find more mystery on your adventure.
Ultron Mini Glory is a type of PRG game, with dungeon maps, training and upgrade power to fight last boss.
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