RELEASED: May 2, 2017
PRODUCT: Spider Power Rangers
PUBLISHER: Studio Bido
INSTALLS: 5,000 - 10,000
Spider Power Rangers

SPR : Zombies

►►Fight for survival with Spider Power Ranges 2017► SPR ► Kill the zombie now!!

A virus has erupted, changed people into killers, ravenous, mindless. While the rest of the Earth into madness, the last person seizes an unique opportunity, their call to Spider Power ranges. Killed off the virus and the zombies before them spreads and unstoppable. The virus spreads quickly and them will be lead to new strains of genetically mutated zombies. But all will resolve with super heroes Spider Power ranges. Let now!!! Show your power to save the world.

Game power ranges is very simply. You can control squad heroes with super power. The Spider Power ranges squad include the red power ranges, blue power ranges, pink power ranges, dark power ranges and yellow power ranges. The world being destroyed by the villain and Zombies upstoppable! You need find a new place for people to LIVE.

☢ Campaign ☢
► ► ► ► ► Survival Evolved: SPR
• Different battles kill zombies as fast as bester.
• Complete task level bonus.
► ► ► ► ► BOSS ► Civill Battle: Spider Power ranges
• Become a hero and fighting spirit to kill zombies and save the world again!
• Cooperate with friends to defeat super bosses!
► ► ► ► PVP ► Clan War: SPR . Build your faction and lead them into battle with world danger. Forging a strong army with others to kill enemies. Show your power with your character and join battle of the best soldier Spider Power ranges.

• Coming soon!

Featured of game spider power ranges:
★ Using a strong powerful to fight enemies.
★ Upgrade character become to super power ranges.
★ 10+ great weapons in the store. Unlock more characters. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses and come with their own weapons.
★ 10+ super villain characters with unique powers.
★ 10+ super zoombies.

Convene Spider Power ranges fight for justice and freedom.

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