RELEASED: May 2, 2017
PRODUCT: Spider Of Grand City
PUBLISHER: Studio Bido
INSTALLS: 500,000 - 1,000,0000
Spider Of Grand City

Spider Of Grand City

►► Fight for justice with Spider of Grand City 2017 ►► Kill the criminals now!!

Grand City is a city of freedom, peace and justice. But in the year 2017, crime continued to proliferate. Grand City was victim of chaos. Criminals all over the city tried to claim their own territory. The police tried to keep the situation under control. However, chaos and violence were rampant in Grand City. When talk about the Grand city, they know more for its poverty, its slums and the utter corruption of its government. It also became a haven for crime. And now, a hero appearing, he is GRAND SPIDER.

After many years leave city, he coming home but the city was destroyed by mafia crime, his family was killed. He collect weapons and fighting. With perfect skills, recapture the town attacked by Mafia. He has become the iconic superhero of Grand City. The name GRAND SPIDER is the terror of criminals.
After completing a mission, new tasks will be unlocked, there will be new tasks harder and stronger enemies your pending.

Get ready to immerse in fierce gunfights of gangsters.

Featured of Spider Grand City:
★ Collect item in either mission will greatly enhance the firepower of many types of weapon: Sniper, Shotgun, AK47, M1911, MP4, MP5, Bazooka, power full tank, cannons, etc.
★ Upgrade powerful to deliver Grand City and win gangsters wars.
★ Upgrade character become to liberation superhero.
★ Controllable vehicles, like tanks, cars, helicopters, turrets, with different styles!
★ 30 full action mission.
★ 10+ great weapons of choice. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses and come with their own weapons.
★ 10+ mafia boss with unique powers. This is difficult mission you need passing.
★ 5000+ crime waiting you kill.

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