RELEASED: December 27, 2016
PRODUCT: Pixel Waking Dead
CATEGORY: Role Playing
PUBLISHER: Pixelcraft
DOOMSDAY (by Pixel Craft)

Pixel Waking Dead ► Death ►PWD ★
☢ Fight for survival with Pixel Waking Dead. Kill the zombie now!!!
A virus has erupted, turning people into mindless, ravenous, killers. While the rest of the Pixel world into madness, the last person seizes an unique opportunity. Killed off before the virus spreads and the hordes of zombies become unstoppable. The virus spreads quickly lead to new strains of genetically mutated zombies. Come participate in the battle zone for human survival and zombie annihilation. Pick up your weapons and kill the zombies. Try not to die and destroy the Pixel Waking Dead with your character.
You will need to make as you fight for survival. All you have to do is to pull the trigger to kill the merciless, bloody zombies. Search and kill the zombies till you have secured the death zone free of zombies.
Using any weapon to kill every zombie in the last stand death zone. Get ready to face the vicious clash to show your strength.
“When everything is crazy, you find a way to make it right.” The old world was cruel. The new world gave a lifeline.
So what are you waiting for? You will be able to trace all the zombies and prevent the impending apocalypse? Bring death to the dead and zombies exist in this world! Now try with The Pixel Waking Dead and get to experience the Zombie hunter at its dead zone.
★ Build your faction and lead them into battle with world danger. Forging a strong army with others to kill enemies.
★ Fight for survival against humans, using strategy to attack enemy weak points to decide your path.
★ Charge opponents with special melee and attacks using deadly weapon.
★ Customize your characters to increase their fighting power, weapons and skills.
★ Unlock more characters. Collect new party members. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses and come with their own weapons.
Run for survival – Annihilate enemies and stay alive as long as you can in a world falling apart.
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